Client Assets

Partnering with IPRG gives you instant access to a wide array of client assets. The following tools, partnerships, plans and programs are provided to simplify your benefits administrations experience, therefore allowing you to refocus your effort and money on what really matters: your business.


Compliance Tools & Partners

It is easy for companies to incur fines and penalties due to lack of compliance with government policies and regulations. IPRG partners with multiple human resource services to easily maintain all compliance needs for your company.


IPRG partners with the following compliance services: 



Carrier Partners

IPRG has fostered valuable partnerships with a variety of insurance carriers over time. Our experience and relationships with these carriers gives us the ability to negotiate favorable terms and extract the greatest benefit for clients.

IPRG partners with the following insurance carriers:

Alternate Funding

Alternate funding offers a new and innovative way for businesses to save money on unnecessary insurance markups. By working with IPRG, your business can cut out the insurance industry’s profits while providing the same caliber of benefits that keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive.

IPRG partners with the following alternate funding carriers:



Cost Control & Employee Wellness Programs

In today’s business world, companies strive to contain costs in all facets of business. By offering employee wellness programs and health incentives, your employees will become motivated to implement healthier practices while your business racks in the financial benefits.

IPRG offers with the following cost control and wellness programs: