TECH Solutions

Technology has a significant place in reducing costs, improving management of benefits data, and reduces the time and resources needed to administer benefits.   

The advantages of benefits technology tend to fall into two categories: improving the experience for HR/benefits staff and improving the experience for employees. While employers see th value of both aspects, it is clear that the desire for technology is driven more by HR needs.  In seeking technology, employers are, first and foremost, trying to make their own lives easier.   Furthermore, if the appropriate technology is chosen and effectively managed, employees can benefit from a simple, convenient and efficient way to elect their plans and access comprehensive plan information.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong technology can sometimes create the opposite outcome.   Each technology platform has specific strengths, weaknesses, compatibility and applications.   It’s incredibly frustrating to see a customer impressed by a software demonstration, only to find out post-installation that much of what was advertised doesn’t work.   This is where our experience and expertise is extremely valuable.   



Simplified Benefits Administration

Easy to Manage

Enroll, renew, & manage your employee benefits online

No Tricks Up Our Sleeve

Simple HR and employee self service portals

Always Open

Review benefits and plan details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

for human resources

  • Improves communication
  • Gain instant access to your data
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Streamlines benefit shopping experience
  • Modernizes employee management

for Employees

  • Easy access to HR information
  • Intuitive benefit enrollment
  • On-the-go mobile access
  • Paperless on-boarding
  • Employee self service


Overview of Benefits Administration Methodology and Assets

When advising our clients on the adoption of technology, we take an agnostic approach. Our services and support in this area is not a profit center, rather, it is a significant expense.   As a result, when we make a recommendation, the motivation behind the recommendation is completely pure and unbiased. Our platform, and advisory services are completely based on this notion.

We fully support these technologies and have dedicated personnel whose job description is to manage and support technologies for our clients. At IPRG, our clients do very little.

Once a recommendation is made we have two “paths” for our clients:



Proprietary/In-House Solutions

Employee Navigator 

Maxwell Health

IPRG has secured a software license with these Benefit Administration/HRIS technologies and can create a customized, functional website for our clients.  These are fantastic technologies for the 5 to 500 life employee market and generally are set up on a “stand alone” basis. They require very little setup lead-time and we have in-house technology experts who set up the sites and manage them. These technologies are extremely flexible with  easy manageability for clients and a convenient low cost entry point for an employer to adopt a technology solution. They can be electronically linked with your payroll system and insurance carrier eligibility system, but this is not a requirement. These systems work for our clients who have adopted them because of IPRG’s commitment to employ and train qualified personnel to manage the site on the client’s behalf. This is where we are different from most of our competitors who may have these same or similar technologies. 


Partner Solutions

The amount of technology vendors in this market is staggering and can be an extremely confusing buying decision for an employer. There are payroll providers, stand alone benefit administration providers, insurance carrier “leave behind” providers and insurance broker “freebie” systems that are free as a trade-off for hiring them as your broker.

Most of these systems require a relatively rigorous on boarding process. The intention is to connect and integrate these systems with your payroll, HRIS and carrier systems while having full integration. Through years of experience along with trial and error, we have partnered with what we believe are “best in class” vendors in this regard. We become a “resource” for our clients and connect them with who we believe, are appropriate candidates to provide a solution.

Vendor Partners (Not Limited To): Web Benefits Design, PlanSource, Paylocity, Paycor, Flock, iSolved, ADP, Benefit Focus, Paychex